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At Rocque Paper Scissors we believe there are few joys in life greater than being out in nature.  Whether it is walking the dog as the sun rises through the trees in St. Catherine’s Woods, being humbled by the enormity of the ocean along the North Coast or exploring canyons and rivers thousands of miles away from Jersey.  Day, night, summer, winter, near, far—being outside in nature makes us feel alive, awake and happy.

We believe there is great responsibility to protect the Earth and its beauty as individuals and as a business.  Protecting nature is not just for us now, but for future generations.  It is our greatest obligation to them.  We have created a set of product and packaging aims to help us create a more sustainable business.

Our product and packaging aims:

-Use and create products from recycled or sustainable sources.

-Reduce waste by using off cuts of good condition paper and fabric that would otherwise be thrown away.

-Prioritise manufacturers in the UK so the carbon footprint is lower and work practice is regulated.

-Provide packaging that is made from recycled materials and can be re-used and recycled.

All of our paper is handmade in Grouville from recycled materials collected from local schools, businesses and friends in Jersey.

Our product descriptions note where these aims have been reached.  We think we have made a good start in working toward them, but know there is room for improvement.  The search for sustainable and regional products and manufacturers remains at the forefront of our mission.

Sustainability: About Us
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