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Wildlife conservation is at the heart of our mission.

Rocque Paper Scissors was created after a family trip to South Africa.  During the visit, we were very fortunate to see the different animals protected in the Pilanesberg National Park.  However it was startling to learn that even in a sanctuary such as the Pilanesberg, where fences, planes and patrols protect the wildlife, the animals remain targets of animal crime such as poaching and animal trafficking.  

Having been to South Africa before, I was excited to share the experience, the beauty and the wildlife with my first child.  However my eyes were opened to the reality that if more isn’t done to protect the rhinos and other magnificent wildlife, they will not be there by the time she leaves secondary school.  

Sense of urgency instilled, I set out to create a platform that could help raise funds to protect the wildlife and their habitats.

Since we began trading in November 2019, £2,064.10 has gone to support animal conservation efforts through donations to Save the Rhino.  Save the Rhino works across Africa and Asia to help save rhinos from their key threats of poaching and habitat loss.  

To continue our support in 2023 we have pledged:

10% of internet sales will be donated to Save the Rhino International via Work for Good.

To learn more about Save the Rhino's extraordinary work around the world, or to donate directly to Save the Rhino, click the link below or visit

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