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House Photo Tips

Please upload a good, clear photo of the entire property.  The image should be taken from the angle you would like it to appear.  Streetview images and weblinks can be uploaded.  A hand drawn proof of the house will be emailed to allow you to see the image and make any adjustments before the final paper cut is shipped.  Allow three days for the proof to arrive.  Items will not be shipped until the proof is approved.

Photo Tips and House Assembly: Image

How to Assemble Your Paper House

Hooray! Your Paper House has arrived!  Grab an adhesive, we'd recommend a glue stick or double sided tape, and scissors and watch the video.  We'd recommend watching the video once all the way through before you start to assemble your Paper House.

1. Carefuly open the envelope and use the tag to pull out the two pieces of paper.

2.  Open the paper to reveal your Paper House.

3. If you ordered an ornament, remove the tag and use the string for the ornament.  You could also use the ribbon of your choice to match your decor.

4. Flip the house over so you can see the back of the house and the translucent paper.

5. Place glue or tape on the two corners that form triangles to the side of you house.  Repeat with the two other corners that form triangles to the side of the back of the house.

6. Flip your house over and fold the middle rectangle down, then bring a back triangle in and secure them by gently pressing together.  These do not need to line up exactly, the bottom will be trimmed at the end.  Now bring the triangle off the front of the house in and secure it with the back triangle.

7. Repeat on the other side.

8. Use scissors to carefully trim the excess paper off the sides.

Hooray!  Your Paper House is complete!  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Photo Tips and House Assembly: Image
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