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Beautiful.  Handmade.  Recycled.

Making paper by hand is a slow and beautiful processes that resonates with techniques created hundreds of years ago.  At Rocque Paper Scissors, every sheet is carefully pulled from a slurry of mixed recycled fibres before it is pressed, dried and cut down to size.  

The year 2020 had an enormous impact on our small business.  Unable to leave the house, various cardboard boxes started to pile up from deliveries.  Jersey is a small island, and after doing a little research, I learned our recycling is shipped back to the UK to be recycled.  As the boxes piled up, I wondered if there was something I could do to help turn this post consumer material into a product that could be used again on the island.  I wondered if I could make something beautiful while adding to the circular economy.

Then it hit me.  Well, it hit me three times.  First it was a cast away comment about making paper in a conversation about my business.  Then it was reaching into our wrapping box to find a tag and pulling out several plastic bags each with a handful of simple brown gift tags.  Finally it was the memory of making paper as a child on a summer’s day.

The three experiences collided into one and I’ve not looked back.  All of our paper is handmade from recycled materials in Grouville.

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A mix of brown postal boxes create the base of this colour.  Looks great as a classic brown gift tag.

Fun fact:  Mielle is the Jèrriais word for a hill of sand created by the wind.



Inspired by the treasure lines in St Brelade’s Bay, this paper is made of post consumer ‘white’ know...extra print offs, scrap paper the kids drew on, cut outs from our paper cuts , old name it! If it is mostly white paper, it is in the mix!

Most of the paper is turned into a fine pulp and creates a beautiful off white, speckled paper.  BUT every once in a while, a bigger glimpse of what it once was washes up.  A tiny part of a drawing, a letter, figure or pattern. 


A solid, stand out colour.  Grey with green and blue undertones.  Created from old fruit crates.

The word petrichor refers to the sweet, earthy smell of rain on dry ground. It comes from the Greek words petra, meaning rock and ‘īchōr, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology’ (thank you Wikipedia)

About Our Paper: Products
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